Advanced and flexible search engine

In an ERP, the capability to find and retrieve the desired data is of paramount importance. In X-Cross, the search criteria are extremely sophisticated and complete, allowing the user to retrieve all the data that could be needed.

In every section of the program where, because of the number of records, a search filter is needed (e.g clients, suppliers, stock items, documents, transactions, etc.) there is the possibility to search the database using multiple criteria, that can be used together.

We can for example find all the invoices of the clients of a given zone and that contain one or more stock items or stock items of certain categories, and so on.

Search inside the search

If we want to use as a search key a connected table with many record (e.g. the invoices of a client or of a stock item), we will enter another search window where to select the record or records that will be used in the main search.

Search with complex syntax

Using the appropriate syntax, the user chan search on text fields:

  • The records that contain, begin with, end with the inserted string
  • The records that contain multiple strings, all of them (logical AND) or at least one of them (logical OR)


Search on multiple records

The searches that are based on connected tables (e.g. search invoices by client) can include multiple records; in this example we could search the invoices of a certain number of clients, that will be found with their own search criteria (by zone, by salespersons, etc.).