Complete management features

All what is needed in a modern and complete ERP

Of course, the advanced technology of X-Cross would be useless without all the management features that make it a product of absolute excellence.

The extremely advanced data structure, task oriented operation and the general state of the art of the underlying technology have allowed the development of application features that are at the same time extremely sophisticated whilst being simple, fast and efficient in daily use.

Main management features

General and VAT accounting

  • Double entry accounting
  • One single operating environment includes:
    – Accounts receivable
    – Accounts payable
    – General ledger
  • The three sections can be seen separately or all together
  • VAT accounting
    – Already structured to manage single-phase taxes (like USA sales tax)
  • Intra-EU VAT and reverse charge
  • Financial statements for the fiscal year or partial periods
  • Balance sheet customizable reclassifications
  • Deadlines management
    Payment reminders
  • Payment documents – collection
    Swift SEPA transfers
  • Accruals and deferrals with automatic opening and closing
  • Non fiscal accounting
    – Extra-accounting balances
    – Extra-accounting movements
    – Extra-accounting budgets
  • Assets and depreciation

Analytical accounting

  • Multidimensional analytical accounting
  • Analytical accounting by jobs


  • Quotations
  • Order proposals
  • Order confirmations
  • Pre-shipping setups
  • Delivery notes
  • Provision of services
  • Invoices
  • Business documents print layouts
    customizable and context-dependent
  • Business documents workflow
  • Salespersons management
  • Salespersons, zones and mandates
  • Salespersons commissions
  • Multiple price list with price selection
  • Sales and purchase statistics with periods comparison

BOM and production

  • Bill of materials with unlimited levels
  • BOM for stock items configurations
  • Work cycles and phases
  • Automatic calculation of bill of materials by formulas and scripts
  • Production orders
  • External and internal production orders
  • Automatic calculation of components, cycles and phases via formulas and scripts
  • Management of work centers, equipment and personnel
  • MRP
  • Production load diagrams
  • Resource Employment Charts

Stock and inventory

  • Stock items
  • Stock items configurator
    – Stock item configurations customizable by parameters
    – Commercial BOM for configuration costs
    – Automatic configuration calculation with formulas and scripts
  • Multi-warehouse and multi-seat
  • Type of stock
  • Inventories by date
  • Inventory price calculation by date


  • Email program built-in the management system
  • Emails received and sent linked to customer, supplier and contact
  • Email linked to commercial document
  • Integration between email and CRM

Document management

  • Document management integrated in the management system
  • Link between documents and ERP records
    – Accounting operations
    – Commercial documents
    – Stock items
    – Customers, suppliers and contacts
    – Bill of materials
    – Production orders
    – Customized links: any record of any table of the management system can be linked to documents of the document management
  • Built-in word processor
    – Graphic stock items descriptions in word processor
    – Commercial documents (offers, orders, etc.) with descriptions in word processor
    – Email client with word processor


  • Contacts and leads
  • Campaigns
  • Task
  • Activities
  • Mailing lists