Integrated modeling tool

The external data modeling tools that can be used to create a data structure in Omnis Studio can be extremely powerful, but they are usually a separated environment, whose only contact with the application is the database.

CrossModel is fully integrated into Omnis Studio, and this gives many important advantages over the separated modeling tools.

Today many modeling tools are being offered on the market, but they are separated from the Omnis Studio development language, and the only connection is the database.

These tools can create complete database structures, but nothing more than that.

CrossModel integrated into the application

CrossModel is fully integrated into the Omnis Studio development environment, and since the application is aware of the database structure it can use them automatically.

For example, let’s imagine to have a simple structure like this:

A stock items table, with ID, code and description:

a stock items categories tables:

the stock items are connected to a category with a foreign key:

This structure can easily be created by any database modeling tool, but afterwards all the methods to make use of this structure must be created manually.