Automatic database realignment

The data structures created in CrossModel are saved in the program (schema classes) and can automatically realign the database in the server.


Data structures saved in the program

The data structures are created in the Omnis Studio schema classes and in the CrossModel smart queries.

The schema classes can create tables or views in the server; the smart queries create views.

Realignment of tables

The CrossModel data engine can automatically realign the tables in the server with the data structure in the program.

No sequential patches required

In many cases, the database is realigned applying subsequent patches, starting with the version of the data in the database. This is already complicated in the standard program but becomes very difficult developing customizations, where the data structure changes very quickly.

Realignment independent from database version

The realignment is independent from the version of the data structure in the server; CrossModel compares the data structure in the program with the one in the server, and can take automatically all the appropriate actions:

  • If one or more column are added or the subtype is changed, al ALTER TABLE is performed
  • If deeper changes require a total export-import of data, this is executed automatically

Database check

The automatic realignment of the database not only checks and, if necessary, updates the database tables, but many ather actions are automatically executed:

  • Creation and update of foreign keys
  • Views from schemas and smart queries
  • Tables and custom stored procedures
  • Triggers

With the single operation of database check, the server database is automatically realigned with the data structure of the program.