Read, insert, edit and delete rights

Each user can be connected to a class of table limits, that will grant the rights, for each table, to read, insert, edit, delet, read and modify obsolete records, and modify the search key.

Every user is connected to a class of user rights, that determine in which tables he can read records, insert, update and delete.

For every table, in the table limits can be det wether or not the user can:

  • Read the records of the table
  • Insert, edit, delete records in the table
  • Edit the search key of the table
  • Use, read and modify the obsolete records of the table

Selective read, edit and delete

The user can be given read access only to the records that meet certain criteria.

For example, a salesperson can be granted access only to his clients, and to the documents (quotations, orders, invoices) of these clients.

The possibility to edit and delete can as well be limited to the records that meet certain criteria.