Multilevel objects

The extremely advanced CrossModel data modeler allows X-Cross to use multilevel data structures that dramatically improve the speed and the usability of the software.

Furthermore, this proprietary database tachnology is the base of the exclusive Total Client Internet technology.


In a management software, we have often to deal with complex objects, that include multiple tables at different levels.For example, an invoice is composed at least of a header and one or more lines. In reality, the tables can be many more, for example:
– Lots
– Serial numbers
– Expenses
– Discounts
– Payment multiple deadlines

In X-Cross, an invoice includes 32 different tables. Each one of these tables can be connected to other one (foe example a line is connected to a stock item), so in total the tables can be hundreds.

In X-Cross, all these tables are included in a single complex object, that is read and written on the Web in one single operation.
This not only is the technological base that allows unparalleled performance on the Internet, but it also makes the insert or edit of the data much simpler, since all the data is inserted or edited in a single window and the database is updated in a single transaction. A single transaction means they either everything works ok or, if there is any problem at any level, the whole transaction is cancelled (rollback) and no data is inserted-edited.